mid century modern emojis
There are 12 different emojis in Death By Modernism’s new collection. The perfect amount to give your texts some style! Courtesy of Death By Modernism.

Are you tired of the same-old, same-old emojis? Ready to ditch the cliche smiley face and move on to something a bit more sophisticated? Death By Modernism knows how you feel and has the perfect solution— Mid Century Modern emojis!

mid century modern emojis
Our favorite emoji is the Eames couple—what a fun way to pay tribute to them. Courtesy of Death By Modernism.

Death By Modernism, an online Mid Century Modern retailer, has created a set of free emojis, and it’s filled with all your favorite Mid Century icons like the Ball Chair, the Sunburst Clock, the Eames Recliner and even the famous couple themselves.

mid century modern emojis
Who is ready to think of *all* the Mid Century Modern puns? Courtesy of Death By Modernism.

Now, instead of sending the overused lightbulb emoji to convey a great idea, send the Sputnik Chandelier! Rather than telling a friend to grab a table, send the Tulip Table emoji instead. You could text your S.O. about how you can’t wait to sit down after a long day, or you could just send them the Eiffel Chair. There are so many great ways to use these beautifully designed emojis that we can’t wait to download them for ourselves!

Get the Mid Century Modern emojis at the Apple App Store. Or on Slack—that way, even you and your coworkers can get in on some Mid Century fun.

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