midcentury boys room
You can craft a room your son loves without sacrificing the clean midcentury vibe you love.

He’s grown out of his crib, entered school and maintains that he’s definitely a big boy now. If your son is ready for some slightly more grown-up midcentury digs that can still foster a playful childhood, read on. Here are four tips to infuse your boy’s room with a sophisticated midcentury look.

Tough Surfaces. 

Pick flooring that can handle your little man rough housing with buddies or the family dog while also providing comfort and style. Try Shaw carpeting, which keeps the look retro in geometric patterns and sports waterproof fiber to hold up to rambunctious, sometimes messy, balls of energy.

Storage, storage, storage. 

A good-condition trunk can give a child’s room much-needed storage for toys. The low profile of a trunk makes it easily accessible for those of short stature and has a look that is timeless.

Back to School Supplies
He can put whatever he wants on the shelves, but a midcentury desk and wall unit can still be the grounding piece of the room.

Built-to-last furniture. 

A midcentury dark stain wood desk is a must for a boy’s room. The well-constructed piece will grow with him from kindergarten to college and even beyond. Multiple shelves allow for maximum use of space and areas to display treasured items.

Old and new. 

While they’re little, you can add your own touch to his room, giving it the aesthetic that exists throughout your abode. Mix vintage toys both you and he will love.


Anshen Allen Floating Roof EichlerBeyond the Boy’s Room

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