Fun midcentury modern kids room
Colorful and kid-friendly, this room still has the funky modernist vibe from the rest of the house with well-chosen furnishings. Photo by Jim Brown.

Streamline looks you love don’t have to go out the window in your kids’ rooms. While the minimalist approach of midcentury modern may not always be kid-friendly, there is quite a bit of overlap. The modernist’s push to get to the basics and essence of things meant they turned to color, and primary colors at that, to add energy and fun. Get the the look of this modernist-friendly kids’ room with these three essential pieces!


MCM atomic mobiles


Modernists showed us that mobiles aren’t just for the nursery. They can be artful, too. Your kids will enjoy that they’re not babyish. They won’t outgrow the mobile as soon as they’re out of the crib. You may want one in your room, too. Check out Atomic Mobiles for a wide range of colors and styles!

Chairish midcentury danish rug


A modernist celebration of shape and color can lend vibrancy to a room and will be stimulating enough for kids to enjoy, too. Whether you stick to the large stripes or go for a fun triangle boogie like this vintage midcentury Danish rug, it will add some vivacity. Use bedding and throw pillows as another opportunity to inject some pizzazz.

Classic Furniture

Its elegant, futuristic silhouette may not scream “kid-friendly,” but a Saarinen tulip chair with a red cushion adds some curvilinear variety, and a place for your kids to pretend to be the captain of a spaceship, of course. (Yes, we know it was a Burke chair that was in Star Trek, but we bet your kids won’t mind.) Knoll, Inc. still produces the Saarinen Tulip Chair, but you can also find vintage ones on sites such as eBay or you can scour garage and estate sales.

The height of a platform bed frame with a low, sleek profile and hairpin legs is great for kids to easily climb in and out of. (Bonus for parents: It’s elevated just enough that the hide-it-under-the-bed cleaning trick won’t work.) Browse some platform bed options here.