Breeze Blocks are known for their exterior uses, improving Mid Century Modern curb appeal for decades. But who says they’re only useful outside? We gathered some examples of interior breeze blocks so you can enjoy these fun patterns in your home, inside and out.

Partition Wall

Dining area with yellow wallpaper pattern and a breeze block partition that shields the kitchen
Photo courtesy of Finch Interiors.

Sometimes, you only need a subtle separation between spaces. This restaurant uses breeze blocks to separate the dining area from the kitchen without cutting off the view completely. The open pattern complements the adjacent wallpaper for different bursts of texture.

Stairway Block

Cafe room with one brick wall, breeze block walls and breeze block partitions surrounding the stairs
Photo courtesy of Architizer.

The Red Flower Coffee Shop in Vietnam features an abundance of breeze blocks to compete with the surrounding buildings made of the same material. These interior breeze blocks provide a simple, yet stunning, architectural plan. They connect the customer to the outside and protect them from the stairway.

Entryway Illusion

Mid Century living room with teal accents, a white Eames chair, shag carpet and a white breeze block entryway.
Photo by Landon Wiggs.

Grab a sledgehammer and knock down that pony wall, because there’s a more elegant way to separate your entryway from your living room. Breeze blocks won’t close off the small space entirely, and their eye-catching patterns will act as a focal point in the room.

Island Beauty

Modern white kitchen with black and wood bar stools and a white breeze block island
Photo by Elouise Van Riet-Gray, courtesy of Archie Bolden.

Interior breeze blocks can also be used to make furniture. In this case, they form the structural support for a kitchen island.

Breeze Block Bookcase

Gray concrete blocks with an arrow pattern form a shelving unit
Photo courtesy of Homedit.

Who needs a bookcase when you can form one with unique breeze blocks? Just add shelves, and you’ll have a unit with a textured backsplash.

Table for Two

Living room with white couch, three large pots and two coffee tables with breeze block tops
Photo by Djan Chu, courtesy of Alan Chu.

Alan Chu designed a coffee table with a breeze block top that would make a lovely addition to any MCM living room.

Faux Blocks

Mid Century living room with gray couch, wood coffee table and breeze block-inspired wallpaper
Photo courtesy of WallStarGraphics.

Get the vibe of interior breeze blocks with a breeze block-patterned wallpaper. This gives you the look you want without the weight of genuine blocks.

Accent Wall

Colorful breeze block wall art in peach, teal and mustard yellow hang above a desk
Photo courtesy of Wayfair.

These cute breeze block accents make a great retro gallery wall. With fun colors and unique patterns, they have all the fun of a breeze block in miniature form.

Want to learn more about the history of breeze blocks? This article covers everything from their history and purpose to quintessential examples.

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