Joybird Soto Chair
Photography courtesy of Joybird

To get that classic midcentury look, you need the proper furniture that presents you with both comfort and style. Whether you need a credenza for your hallway or a colorful accent chair in your living room, tracking down the perfect piece can be tricky. Luckily, furniture company Joybird ( knows exactly how difficult it can be.

From their classic Soto Chair (shown) to their clean and cool Simic Credenza, Joybird has all of those midcentury pieces you need for your atomic home. Choose between more than 80 fabric swatches and three different wood finishes to tailor each piece to your specifications. Need a maple dining set with coral upholstery to match with your teal color palette? Just order it as you want it!


Want to order that perfect piece designed for your space? Here are 3 things to consider when customizing furniture to your needs:

1. Make a statement. Does your room already have a focal point? If so, be sure to pick a design, wood and color that blends in with your décor so you don’t upstage that statement rug, vase or floor lamp. If you’re looking to finally add that focal point, pick a loud, eye-catching design with a bright color that complements the rest of your room.

2. Prepare your palette. A room decorated with the rainbow ends up losing its focus and can overwhelm your senses. Room to room, narrow down your palette to no more than 3 colors. If you have white walls, choose furniture in 2 colors. If you have a teal accent wall, stick to either orange, green, yellow or coral to fill in the rest.

3. Sweat the stain. Don’t shrug off the color of your wood. Pick a finish that suits your home. Walnut is a classic color for midcentury homes, but it is also the darkest. For a lighter palette, go for maple instead. On pieces like chairs or even some sofas, the wood is pretty visible, so make sure to consider the color before you buy!


You can win a Joybird Soto chair! If you’re going to Palm Springs Modernism Week, be sure to enter our contest on Instagram by sharing your favorite moments with us, tagging @TheAtomicRanch and using the hashtag #ARModWeek!