MCM houseplants
Photo by Jim Brown.

Indoor plants are all the rage, but if you’re falling short on ways to style your new green babies, we can help. We’ve gathered our favorite looks from MCM houseplants experts on Instagram to help you get the look you want once you’ve started your nature-inspired collection.

1. The Statement Piece

There’s something fun about a plant that refuses to hide in the background. As one of our favorite MCM houseplants, this monstera peeks its leaves over a stunning green Mid Century Modern chair, bringing this corner of the room to life. Its large leaves can’t help but make a statement in this space by Anita of @anita_shea_at_3a.


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2. The Unexpected

What’s the point of having MCM houseplants if you can’t have fun with them? Kortnee of @kortneekatephoto decided to not only liven up her bathroom with a few plants, but she included her shower in this update as well. This fiddle-leaf fig turns that small square into a tropical paradise, with green as the perfect accent color to the neutral background.


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3. The Group

If you prefer smaller plants, you can group them together to get a larger impact. @everydeco has amassed a collection of over 86 plants over time, and each one brings a unique texture to the table—or credenza. Not only does each plant have an individual look, they each have a different pot that adds color and texture to the space.


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4. The Focal Point

Take a plant grouping one step further with a show-stopping circle shelf like this one from HomeGoods. Lex of @plantsaturated designed this eye-catching focal point using a variety of small MCM houseplants from around her home, including peperomias, Sansevieria, Ceropegia and Monstera adansonii. Lex includes tips on propagation and keeping your plants healthy on her Instagram page.


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4. The Ambiance

Did you know that plants can reduce stress? More people are working from home nowadays, and knowing how to create a pleasing work environment can make a huge impact on productivity. Saskia of @saskiatabea chose to infuse her desk space with an array of plant life, creating a soothing ambiance to counteract work anxiety and promote creativity.


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5. The Accent

Have an awkward or dull corner that needs livening up? A hanging plant might be just what you need! Carla of @carlanatalia_ filled the blank space on her wall with a hanging plant that adds just the right finishing touch.


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