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‘Good design for all’ has long been an important principle for Mid Century Modern design. But historically, that principle wasn’t put into practice for ‘all,’ especially when it came to people of color. Mid Century Modern architecture has often gone hand-in-hand with racially restrictive housing deeds, and some of the Mid Century developments we celebrate today were put there after tearing down Black neighborhoods.

Mid Century Modern design, like many things from that era, has a troubled past. So, let’s take some time and begin to rectify that by celebrating Black designers who have taken MCM design and ran with it—making it bolder, sleeker, more livable and more accessible. Here are four Black interior designers we’re excited about—and we’re confident you will be too.

Ishka Designs


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Ishka Designs is made up of designers Anishka Clarke and Niya Bascom. It’s Brooklyn-based, but works all over the world—even as far as Jamaica and France. They describe their style as “clean, modern, eclectic and simplistically beautiful,” and with sleek lines, understated tones and luxurious textures, we agree! Ishka Designs specializes in designing vacation properties, restaurants, and residences worldwide. Learn more about them here, and keep an eye out for them in the December “Best Of” issue of Atomic Ranch.

The Perfect Vignette


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Designer Denese Butler of The Perfect Vignette got her start in the fashion industry before transitioning into the world of interior design. And we think it’s safe to say she made that transition excellently! By using dark woods and inviting textures, Butler creates livable, welcoming spaces with a modern flair. The Perfect Vignette is based out of the Northeast but takes on projects across the country. Learn more about Butler and The Perfect Vignette here.

Leyden Lewis Design Studio


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Designer Leyden Lewis founded his Brooklyn-based design studio 30 years ago, and describes his work as “creating poetic and culturally sensitive spaces and furniture in the United States and around the world.” Lewis’s spaces implement bold textures and patterns and curvilinear designs that feel grown-up and fun at the same time. Leyden Lewis Design Studio creates spaces for both residential and commercial projects. Learn more about Leyden Lewis Design Studio here.



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NYC-based NinaBDesigns was founded by Nina Barnieh-Blair. NinaBDesigns believes that “design should facilitate and maximize the human experience,” and uses color, layers of texture, and contrasting shapes to do just that. We love how she and her team create spaces that are functional yet beautiful, and tie in statement furniture (like an Eames Lounge Chair!) to bring the design together. Learn more about NinaBDesign here.

Who else is feeling inspired and ready for a little room redo? If you’re looking for some great furniture to fill your space with, check out these 5 Black-Owned Vintage Mid Century Modern Businesses To Support.

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