Pet-Friendly Midcentury Modern Furniture? We’re In!

It’s no secret that we love Midcentury Modern furniture. We also love our furry friends! So what is a modernist to do when pets (specifically their fur) and furniture don’t get along? Upgrade! This line of sofas, chairs and more looks great—plus, the pet-safe upholstery will  make your dog’s tail wag.

Joybird Atomic Ranch pet friendly furniture
Photo courtesy of Joybird

Our friends at Joybird make beautiful furniture with eye-catching midcentury style—but that’s not all. They also make upholstery specifically designed to welcome (and survive) your fluffiest family members. Read all about it below and get their tips for pairing pets with Midcentury Modern furniture!

Here are tips for removing pet hair from your furnishings (and clothes, too)!

Here are tips for choosing pet-friendly furniture!