palm springs modern committee modernism education
The Palm Springs Modern Committee hosts a number of educational events throughout the year in order to increase the knowledge of local modernism.

This Thursday, August 1st, in Palm Springs, CA, the next generation of budding architects will be celebrated! An opening reception will commemorate local elementary and middle schoolers’ architectural projects. The projects have been created with the help of the assistance of the Palm Springs Modern Committee. The Palm Springs Modern Committee (PS Mod Com) is dedicated to promoting the importance and preservation of the city’s architectural modernist masterpieces through modernism education.

This exciting event will take place from 4 to 5 PM at the Architecture and Design Center in downtown Palm Springs. The students, who range from 4th graders to 8th graders, have been learning about Modernist architecture throughout the school year with the help of PS Mod Com’s Education Committee. 

“Education is one of the 4 pillars of the Palm Springs Modern Committee and is at the forefront of our focus,” says board member Dick Burkett. 

palm springs architecture and design center modernism education
The Palm Springs Art Museum’s Architecture and Design Center, where the event will be held on Thursday, August 1st from 4-5 PM. Photo courtesy of Palm Springs Art Museum.

Architectural Projects

In addition to their Modernism education, the students have also embarked on different architectural projects that will be on display at the Architecture and Design Center. These are projects like architectural art projects, building architectural models, and interviewing members of the architectural community.

The projects will be on display until August 25th, allowing the local community to come and learn about Modernism and its importance to the Palm Springs area. 

Modernism Education and Advocacy

“It’s a community event that raises awareness and pays tribute to architecture and preservation,” says Burkett. Other community events include the educational exhibit PS Mod Com puts on every February at the local library, which coincides with the town’s world renowned Modernism Week.

The PS Mod Com hopes to inspire the next generation of architects by educating and advocating for the significance of the local and global architectural masterpieces. Aside from its elementary and middle school architectural education program, PS Mod Com also offers scholarship programs for local students looking to study architecture or preservation. It’s also working on an architectural education program that could be used by the entire Palm Springs School district.

By creating and running all of these programs, Palm Springs Modern Committee hopes to promote the advocacy and education of the unique architectural treasure that is Desert Modernism. You can learn more about what they’re doing here or learn more about their student exhibition coming up here.

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