Everyone needs a space they can retreat to at the end of a long day to shed the day’s worries, but you won’t be able to relax if your space isn’t organized or functional. Check out our top decor and furniture picks for creating a serene, yet functional, Mid Mod bedroom.

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Warm Wood

31" wood table lamp for a Mid Mod bedroom
Photo courtesy of Lamps Plus.

You get functional lighting and a decorative sculpture all in one with this lamp. It’s perfect for a bit of light reading before bed.


Wood spindle platform bed frame for a Mid Mod bedroom
Photo courtesy of Goedeker’s.

Minimalist vibes bode well for a Mid Mod bedroom, and this headboard is just enough to frame your bed and add a bit of interest without detracting from the space.


4-drawer green dresser with linear gold drawer pulls for a Mid Mod bedroom.
Photo courtesy of Homary.

Every room needs a pop of color, and this dresser is a soothing shade of deep green that will keep your clothing organized.

Acorn wood storage bench for a Mid Mod bedroom
Photo courtesy of West Elm.

Take a seat, kick off those shoes and rest a while on this sleek storage bench. Keep your Mid Mod bedroom clear of clutter and have another space to relax aside from the bed.


Two-drawer dark wood nightstand with rounded edges and spindle legs for a Mid Mod bedroom.
Photo Courtesy of Wayfair.

The clean lines of this dark wood nightstand will make the ideal drop spot for your all your favorite nighttime accessories.

Textiles and Decor


Ivory faux fur square pillow for a Mid Mod bedroom
Photo courtesy of Joybird.

Need something to cuddle at the end of a long day? Snuggle up to this soft pillow and doze off into blissful sleep.


Gold and white throw blanket with white tassels for a Mid Mod bedroom
Photo courtesy of Burke Decor.

A touch of yellow on this throw blanket will brighten your Mid Mod bedroom and add a level of comfort to the space.


Black and white retro alarm clock for a Mid Mod Bedroom.
Photo courtesy of Burke Decor.

Make sure you’re never late to anything with this retro alarm clock. Its design will keep you on time and your nightstand lookin’ fine.


Chartreuse Abstract wall art for a Mid Mod bedroom.
Photo courtesy of etsy.com/Fybur.

Lastly, add a bit of subtle color in earthy tones with these abstract wall art prints.

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