Something’s cooking, and it’s not the 10-bean chili! Here are the top pieces we’ve cooked up to round out your mid century kitchen. No matter if you’re doing an all-out renovation or just adding a few modern staples, these products are guaranteed to revamp your home with a delightfully mid-mod twist!

#1. Number One Fan

Mid century kitchens fan with a nickel base and mahogany blades.

Make your kitchen spin “right round” with this nickel and mahogany blend! Torsion Ceiling Fan, $364-484.

#2. Swinging From the Chandelier

Mid century kitchens overhead light with gold embellishments poking outward.

Shoot for the stars with this enigmatic lighting fixture! Not only is it bursting with character, but its intricate design will truly bring out the best in your cooking space. Zanadoo Chandelier, $2,550-3,630.

#3. “Sinking” About You

Mid century kitchens sink with a chrome body and teak handles.

Fab up your faucet with this teak and chrome blend that is all too sleek to pass by! Widespread Lavatory Faucet, $620.

#4. Lovin’ This Oven

Mid century kitchens mint green oven.

This 1950s-style oven steals the spotlight, sporting a vintage-inspired design and mesmerizing color scheme that is truly “mint” to be! Model 1956 Oven, Inquire For Pricing.

#5. Pull Me Closer, Tiny Handle

Nickel drawer pull for all mid century kitchens.

This bin pull is a subtle element that can bring a whole lot of personality to your home. With its classic arch and nickel finish, it is the perfect choice for all the mid century enthusiasts out there! Classic Bin Pull, $22.

#6. Le “Greek”, Say Chic

Mosaic tile glaze in a black and white zig-zagging pattern.

Adorn your kitchen with a mosaic tile that is terrifically timeless. Vintage glaze and all, it truly rounds out any space, boasting a dynamic combination of dark and light tones. Honed-Marble Greek-Key Mosaic Tile, $31.

#7. A Pendant That Pops

A light fixture with a circular shade and gold embellishments.

Your ceiling deserves to look as wonderful as you do. And with this intricately designed pendant, there is no denying it will be the star of the show! Alecia’s Necklace Drum Pendant, $474.

#8. Here for the Honeycomb

Mid century kitchens mosaic honeycomb tiles painted black and white.

With their measured placement of contrasting tones, we are absolutely “buzzing” over these honeycomb tiles! Matte Porcelain Hex Mosaic, $50.

#9. When You “Dish” Upon a Star

Mid century kitchens black dishwasher with vintage handle.

All your dishwashing prayers have been answered! Behold, the sleekest dishwasher with a touch of modern-kitsch! Retro 50s’ Dishwasher, Inquire For Pricing.

#10. Duck, Duck, Goose

Gooseneck faucet with a chrome-plated finish.

Take a gander at this gooseneck faucet and fall in love. Sporting a chrome sheen and vintage-handle design, this piece offers an intricate silhouette that will leave you stunned. Gooseneck Bridge-Style Kitchen Faucet, $320.


#11. All Smiles For These Tiles

Black subway tiles for all mid century kitchens.

These classic subway tiles are perfect for the mid century minimalist, showcasing a simple design that is all too alluring. Prospect Ceramic Subway Tiles, $97.


#12. Fresh. Fridge. FABULOUS!Vintage mint-colored fridge for all mid century kitchens.

And for the magnum opus of any mid century kitchen: a fridge complementing all that makes your home unique. Big Chill Fridge, $3,395.


Mid century kitchens aren’t complete without these five essentials. Click here to see if your cooking space checks all the boxes!

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