Working within the confines of a small space can be challenging, but this 610 square foot bungalow has all the comforts after a loving and budget-focused renovation.

In March 2019, Sarah Magidoff, a Graphic Designer, and her husband David Magidoff, an Actor, purchased a unit in Palm Springs’ historic Ocotillo Lodge with the hopes to use the space both as a vacation rental and for their own personal relaxation getaway. With the challenge of a small space, short timeframe and strict budgetary restrictions, the couple utilized creativity and their design savvy to create a dream getaway.

The outside of the Ocotillo Lodge, a mid century bungalow in Palm Springs.

Color is Key

Sarah says that their overall goals were to create a comfortable place for relaxation that “captured the essence of both the desert and mid century architecture.” But where to start?

Luckily the home had no major foundation, plumbing or electrical issues, so the couple began with painting. “The entire bungalow was ‘sterile real-estate white’ when we purchased it. We had a very distinct vision for each room and green was the primary color. Different shades in different rooms,” says Sarah.A mid century bungalow featuring a teal colored cabinet scheme and sheen dining room floors.

Their efforts in painting—enhanced by the décor—created a cohesive style that flows from room to room. “We chose a green that represented the ocotillo plant since it’s a part of the Ocotillo Lodge. We began in the living room and duplicated it through kitchen, patio, even bathroom,” explains Sarah.

To highlight an original feature of the midcentury bungalow as well as the home’s desert location, the center ceiling beam in the living room was incorporated into a painted design concept. “We wanted to design a giant triangle that would embody the San Jacinto Mountains, which our patio and bedroom overlook. That was very satisfying to finish because it felt like we had an anchor for the whole room, and even bungalow,” shares Sarah.

A mid century living room that features a geometrically-set rug, as well as a gray and teal color scheme.

Budget Minded

With a strict budget of $20K for the entirety of the 610 square foot mid century bungalow, Sarah and David had to watch every dollar and utilize innovative solutions. “When you run out of money, you have to get creative. But boundaries and limits are something we embrace creatively,” says Sarah.

Despite the ’80s/’90s style tub and tile in the bathroom, Sarah and David didn’t have the budget for a complete renovation. “So we got creative and now it’s one of our favorite moments in the home,” says Sarah. The couple wanted matte black hardware for a more modern look, but after pricing out options, found their intended update was still too pricey. “We purchased chrome Price Fister hardware for cheap, sent it to a polish/refinisher who melted down the hardware and painted it matte black for a very reasonable price compared to what we were looking at for already finished matte black hardware,” she explains.

A mid century bungalow bathroom with a shower curtain that says "get naked" and a sleek black and white color scheme.
The Magidoff’s wanted to do a complete shower renovation, but it wasn’t in the budget. Instead, they updated the hardware and added some floating shelves to revive the room.

The M in Mid Century Bungalow 

Sarah and David have lovingly named their vacation haven “Bungalow M” which stands for “’Mid Century Modern,’ ‘Mountains’ and, of course, ‘Magidoff’ [their last name].” Their efforts have created a comfortable desert getaway that combines modern amenities with a rustic and minimalistic mid century style to complement this iconic Palm Springs building.

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