Blue and red mid century tile with a fork and spoon design.
The Fork &Spoon ceramic tile, available in 8 different colors! Photo courtesy of Make it Mid-Century.

Since June 2017, Mid Century Modern homeowners have loved Make it Mid-Century, an online store started by architect Susan Halla that offers stylish home supplies, like Mid Century doors, shutters and most recently, Mid Century tiles! Easy to order and beautiful to look at, it’s no wonder her designs took off running and are only continuing to catch more and more attention.

Blue mid century tiles in a bathroom
The Subway Stars wall tile, installed in a bathroom. What a great Mid Century accent! Photo courtesy of Make it Mid-Century.

Authentic Mid Century

If only there was a secret key to unlocking the ease of restoration for Mid Century houses—oh wait, there is! Make it Mid-Century began out of Susan Halla’s need to find materials to restore her own Mid Century Modern home.

With a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and master’s degree in Historic Preservation, Susan values the authenticity of Mid Century design. “One thing I appreciate that I don’t think is widely understood is the fact that Mid Century isn’t just Mid Century Modern—there are quite a few subcategories in the Mid Century style, from traditional to modern,” Susan says.

Her company offers a variety of specially designed home products, including garage door kits, shutters and sparkled laminate, to recreate that “original look,” as Susan says. Now, she’s launching a new Mid Century tile line.

Blue mid century subway tile
The Brazil wall tile. We love the geometric simplicity of this design- it’s got some serious Eames vibes! Photo courtesy of Make it Mid-Century.

Customizable Style

The new Mid Century tile line is ceramic wall tile, perfect for interior kitchens, bathrooms and any other spots looking for a splash of retro whimsy. They come in both semi-gloss and matte finishes.

Make it Mid-Century is also able to provide custom tiles and each tile can be custom made to match the colors of your home. “We can do custom colors as well, with little or no upcharge out of those patterns,” Susan says. It’s a small company that makes everything to order. “It’s great if there’s a tweak or change [after ordering]. We’re agile enough that we can make that change really easily.”

Pink mid century tile with starburst design.
The Starburst wall tile. These would be great accents in a Mid Century Modern kitchen! Photo courtesy of Make it Mid-Century.

The Mid Century tiles are designed to coordinate with Daltile and B&W Tile. If you’re looking to pair up with a tile you already own, Susan has hundreds of color samples from which to choose the perfect match. Size is customizable too and the initial launch features square and subway tiles.

Inspiration for this tile line was drawn from many different places, like existing Mid Century styles. “They’ve all been inspired by actual tiles,” Susan notes. “But we don’t want to just replicate.”

Blue mid century tiles with a fish design above a bathtub.
The Fish Net Mural tiles above a bathtub- how cute would this look in a children’s bathroom? Photo courtesy of Make it Mid-Century.

The mid century tile line explores shapes and colors that have become associated with the atomic era, such as starbursts and undulating repeat patterns. Make it Mid-Century has even created tiles that you can arrange to form a mural in your bathroom or kitchen, from forks and spoons to the deep blue sea.

Blue mid century tile with atom design.
The Radioactive wall tile will bring some “atomic” vibes to your home- pun intended. Photo courtesy of Make it Mid-Century.

But Wait, There’s More!

Make it Mid-Century doesn’t just offer home supplies though- Susan has even written her own eBook on Mid Century home design, A Field Guide to Mid-Century, which can be downloaded on her website. It’s full of useful tips and information to get you started on your Mid Century journey. And get this—it’s free of charge!

So there you have it, the newest member of the Make it Mid-Century product family and the key to another fun and easy Mid Century restoration with a delicious twist of “atomic goodness.”

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