We all know and love those bright, clean midcentury spaces you see everywhere. Minimalism is back and in full force! However, for some, there’s a coziness that those spaces don’t provide. For those people, we’ve curated a living room that is sure to make you want to let down your hair and enjoy some personal time away from the rest of the world. From a subdued yet funky palette to warm woods used all around, these 7 picks are the building blocks for a living room full of comfort.

avocado green mina sofa by nyekoncept
Avocado green Mina sofa.

The sofa is the lynchpin of your whole room. It’s the largest piece you’ll have to buy, so make sure you’re happy with it. Everything else will be chosen to fit around the style of this key piece. For a cozy, natural look, we love the chill retro vibes we get from this avocado green Mina sofa.

jessen sideboard from inmod
Jessen sideboard, InMod.

The second biggest piece in a living room is traditionally a sideboard. Whether you use it for a TV, your collectibles or just for storage, the Jessen sideboard from InMod is a beautiful piece that will add a nice swath of wood grain into the room.


tiger area rug by nordicknots
Tiger area rug.

Set the tone for your whole living room using an area rug. The soft red of this Swedish Tiger area rug jives with a natural space and complements the warmth of the wood furnishings you’ll fill it with.

Clover coffee table from West Elm
Clover coffee table.

A wooden coffee table for your natural modern room is a must. The Danish legs and circular tiers of the Clover coffee table make for a unique piece, while the antique brass detail makes for a bit of metallic shine in an otherwise natural fiber space.

Penguin rocking chair by Design Tree Home
Penguin rocking chair.

You could go for an armchair to match your sofa. Or you could go for something that complements the room without making the space feel too full. We’re digging the lines and wood features of this Penguin rocking chair.

Brooklyn floor lamp by Adesso
Brooklyn floor lamp.

A cozy living room needs cozy lighting. While we’re certainly in favor of a nice arc lamp, particularly a brass one, there’s something so warm and inviting about the Brooklyn floor lamp.

Modern rabbit no.1 art print by Mister Sidd
“Modern Rabbit No. 1” art print.

To finish off your space, you need a great piece of artwork, preferably that will get your guests talking. A beautiful display of a Midcentury Modern ranch with just a little bit of the strange added in, this print (“Modern Rabbit No. 1” by graphic artist Mister Sidd) is warm, unique and ties in with the color scheme we’ve got going. And we’re pretty sure it’s bound to start a few conversations…