Café Victoria stands out amid the specialty coffeehouses of Dallas, Texas. They have delicious lattes and Instagram-worthy treats just the same as most independent cafes, but they have created an atmosphere that serves up a cheerful take on mid century modern style! The bright color palette and mod furniture pieces elevate the coffee drinking experience, creating a perfectly delicious design experience.

Courtesy of Cafe Victoria.

This quaint cafe serves up plenty of style thanks to their mid century-inspired furnishings, but this coffeehouse matches their style with substance. Their brews have earned them the title of “Best Coffeehouse in Dallas” by D Magazine (reader’s choice). But that’s not all.

According to Culture Map Dallas,

Cafe Victoria owner Luciana Gómez says she wanted to take the positive experience of drinking coffee and add another layer. ‘I wanted to find a way to extend the benefits of coffee beyond the immediate satisfaction and do something sustainable for the community,’ she says.

Most coffee shops throw their grounds away, but Gómez became determined to change that after learning that coffee grounds make an excellent addition to a compost pile. Used coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen — about 2 percent nitrogen by volume — which gives bacteria the energy needed to turn organic matter into compost. 

With help from the city of Dallas, Gómez connected with Divinekinship, an organization that creates social change through urban farming, to execute the program.”

Great coffee, great design, and great for the environment? What’s not to love? Located in the heart of Victory Park be sure to visit Café Victoria the next time you’re in town.

Courtesy of Café Victoria. 

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