The Transylvania Heritage Museum’s yearly pop-up, the Aluminum Tree & Ornament Museum (ATOM), is back! It will run until December 22nd and admission is free. has all the details! It’s full of fun trees and quirky ornaments are sure to have you feeling festive. 

3 vintage tinsel aluminum trees decorated with vintage Christmas ornaments on display at the Transylvania Heritage Museum
A display of ATOM’s eclectic assortment of aluminum trees.

Aluminum trees were popular in the 1950s, which is also known as the “atomic age”. Millions of these trees were produced between 1950-1970. They were especially popular in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Volunteers name and theme each tree so that it’s special all on its own. ATOM is the world’s only aluminum tree museum. Although it may seem like a strange idea, the museum attracts thousands of visitors every year. After all, museums are meant to showcase culture for our education and enjoyment, which is exactly what this one does. Its eccentric display of aluminum trees celebrates a popular trend of the past.

An aluminum Christmas tree, covered in eclectic vintage ornaments with a color wheel nearby.
“Scientific” names and decorations make each tree special on its own.

Mid century style lovers will be transported back in time and entranced by all the trees on display. The experience is like walking into a flashy forest. It’s filled with color wheels, special props, and live music. Everything’s garish and overwhelming but in all the best ways. It’s a fun and unique experience for anyone. The museum is located at 189 West Main Street in Brevard, North Carolina. This is a popular tourist spot full of shops, restaurants and galleries so there are lots to do. 

Silver tinsel aluminum tree decorations for vintage Christmas decor
ATOM exhibits many unique, vintage ornaments.

Gather all your friends and family for this fun experience! Whether you seek a nostalgic experience or a “celebration of the American tacky,” as North Carolina resident Malcolm McDonald says, visiting ATOM is sure to be unforgettable. 

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