mid mod interior with sofa and dogs
A challenge of designing the home was making sure it was pet-friendly. It looks like the designers succeeded!

This English home may look unassuming from the exterior— but inside, it’s a Mid Century paradise. The  home sits near the coast and underwent renovations from Pfeiffer Design in 2014. Over a period of two years the firm transformed the home’s originally unremarkable interior into a picture-perfect tribute to Mid Century Modern design.

mid mod interior of living area
The spiral staircase and open spaces of the home were what first drew the clients to this house. Note the gorgeous oak flooring in the dining area.

One of the biggest challenges Pfeiffer faced was designing an interior that could withstand the effects of the clients’ six pets—four cats and two dogs. They dealt with it by utilizing high quality materials in both the home and its furnishings, like French oak flooring and custom leather upholstery.

One of the show-stopping features of the home is its original designer pieces. The clients love high-end design, so Pfeiffer Design took care to select beautiful pieces that reflected the interior’s Mid Mod inspiration. “[The clients’] boxer dogs particularly like the Aram leather sofa!” said Pfeiffer.

mid mod interior bedroom
The master bedroom features a bespoke headboard and a few Mid Century accents.

Want another reason to love this Mid Mod interior? It features bespoke piece upon bespoke piece, making it truly unique and perfect for the clients’ every need. Much of the upholstery in the home is bespoke, like the headboard and sofa, as well as the curtains!

mid mod interior entry way
The frosted glass wall allows light to gently illuminate the home’s entryway.

The clients were thrilled with how their home turned out, but they also loved the process of designing it too. In a note to Pfeiffer, they wrote:

“Thank you for igniting my new-found passion for interior design. Before working with you, I knew nothing about interior design and furniture designers. I learned a lot and appreciate your help in selecting the right designer furniture pieces.”

One more person who’s passionate about Mid Mod design? Sounds like a success to us!

mid mod interior of sunroom with cat
Even the cat loves the modern look of this bright and spacious sunroom.

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