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For 12 weeks, we’re celebrating with these fab festive finds! From decor inspiration to gift ideas, our Retro Holiday Wish List items are guaranteed to make your spirits bright during the holiday season. 

Mid Century Modern Puzzle by HennessyWeek 12: Hennessy Puzzles

Mid-Century Modern What? It’s a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. 70pt. blue chipboard. 19.25 x 26.75 finished size. Good design doesn’t belong to any generation— this cool puzzle helps you celebrate those times when a personal rocket didn’t seem too far out.

Find the Mid-Century Modern Puzzle and more mod puzzles at

Week 11: Kardiel

Original, authentic design inspired by shapes and colors from one of our favorite modern eras. Everything about Miranda is effortlessly contemporary—just look at those smooth corners. Kardiel calls it “the statement piece of the year”— nothing is fresher than that.

Find the Miranda Sofa with Mid Century Orbs and more at

Week 10: Joybird

A strong presence with minimal fuss makes the Clyde Accent Chair a knockout that will make the hearts of both mid-century modern enthusiasts and contemporary designers beat a little faster upon first sight. To show off your unique style, Joybird even lets you customize your Clyde Chair in 50+ fabrics. The perfect gift for anyone on this year’s nice list – including yourself!

Find the Clyde Accent Chair and more at

Week 9: Blackwell Woodworks

This Atomic Era retro inspired clock sits handsomely on any office desk, end table or nightstand. Resembling a classic MCM credenza and fun googie art made entirely from natural wood without stains or dyes. Thank you to Jenn Ski for the artwork inspiration!

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Evergleam Book CoverWeek 8: The Evergleam Book

The Evergleam Book tells the story of the 1959 debut of the aluminum Christmas tree by the Aluminum Specialty Company of Manitowoc, Wisconsin. By the mid-1960s, the Evergleam had sky-rocketed to meteoric heights of popularity, before suddenly plummeting into the annals of Christmases past. When the Aluminum Specialty Company shut its doors forever, all company records were lost, including the fascinating story of this truly American Space Age Christmas tree. . . until now.

Find The Evergleam Book and discover more about Evergleam trees at

Week 7: Modern Christmas Trees

The Modern Christmas Tree is easy to set up, take down, and collapses for flat storage. Modern Christmas Trees come in four different sizes with a variety of lighting and decorations. With many colors, accessories, and ornament options, you’re sure to find the perfect tree: decorated or undecorated.

Find their trees at

Week 6: TedStuff

The RetroClock in Designer White is a new addition to the popular RetroClock collection at TedStuff. Available styles include KittyKat, StarFish, and the SimplyDesk Clock models. Each unique design and colorway is a functional conversation piece, customizable with your choice of five different colors for the minute and hours hands. Take it back to old school with your own RetroClock, the perfect gift for any occasion. $55.00 each.

Find the RetroClock and more at

Week 5: Joybird

The Soto Chair from Joybird takes inspiration from the Danish-modern Selig Z chair, for a seat that doubles as a work of art. To show off your unique style, Joybird even lets you customize your Soto Chair in 50+ fabrics. The perfect gift for anyone on this year’s nice list – including yourself!

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Week 4: Kardiel

This seating system from Kardiel arrives packing plenty of seating in an efficient footprint. Taylor is an intriguing luxe configuration consisting of 3 separate units. We love that the shape is revived from the creative lounge-worthy sets of the mid-century. And because it is modular, there’s more freedom to experiment with seating & space options until you get the perfect fit.

Find the Taylor Sectional and more at

Week 3: Classic Rug Collection

You’ll be happy to find a charming Charley Harper design underfoot! New from Classic Rug, take your choice of a durable Coir (that’s coconut fiber) doormat for outdoor use ($49), or a cushioned vinyl floor cloth starting at $175. With so many designs, it’s the perfect gift for any Charley Harper fan, including yourself!

Find your Charley Harper floor covering and more at

Week 2: Treetopia

Make a statement with Treetopia’s high-quality, vibrant Christmas tree colors.  The 100% Orange tree is a perfect complement to mid-century décor.  This 7.5’ tree comes pre-lit with clear lights. It has sturdy, fully hinged branches that can accommodate ornaments of any size and its glowing warm color lends itself to a variety of decorating styles, whether you decide to dress it up in the burnished tones of fall or the bright colors of the rainbow. Perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving in addition to Christmas, our 100% Orange Christmas Tree adds a burst of sun-kissed freshness to your holiday décor.

Find the 100% Orange Christmas Tree and more at


Week 1: Mac George Art Prints

Mac George’s works feature a variety of subject matter, but most are inspired by the Mid Century Modern design aesthetic he fondly remember as a child. The compositions highlight Mid Century Modern treasures, and thankfully some of these architectural survivors are left to enjoy and inspire. All prints are limited editions and are made with museum quality inks and paper. These prints are the perfect gift for everyone who has an appreciation for Mid Century Modern.

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