1962 Wallmark House exterior
The rear exterior view of the Wallmark House exemplifies the indoor-outdoor living with the woods and lake reflected in the windows.

The 1962 Wallmark House, with its stunning lake views and plenty of jaw-dropping period details, is for sale. A 25-minute drive outside of Spokane, the home sits on a 10-acre lot. Designed by Mid Century Modern architect Moritz Kundig, this home has been well-preserved and is on the Spokane Register of Historic Places. The 3,390-square foot home is for sale, for only the second time in its history, for $1.1 million.

1962 Wallmark House exterior front
The Wallmark house in Nine Falls, Washington is a true MCM ranch, all one level.
Wallmark house MCM bath tub + built-in planter
Orange and blue tile gives a definite groovy MCM feel, and the built-in planter is a delightful period touch.

Period Details to Write Home About

The Wallmark house’s idyllic setting and lakefront view is swoon-worthy, but the architectural details make the whole property an MCM dream. Take, for instance, the powder blue garden tub complete with a built-in planter. And that rectangular, color-blocked tile!

According to the real estate listing, the Wallmark house retains its original custom teak cabinetry. Terrazzo floors throughout the home and cedar paneling provide period-authentic materials.

A locally sourced basalt or lava rock wall which houses the fireplace is another stand-out feature.

 Moritz Kundig

Born and educated in Switzerland, Moritz Kundig graduated from the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. He came to the US, and the rest is history.

In a 2016 interview, Kundig comments, “I have a very long and complex background. I like to say that I was always taking the road less traveled; how else would I end up in Spokane?”

Moritz Kundig at the Wallmark House
Architect Moritz Kundig, age 94, revisits the Wallmark House–and his blueprints for the house.

The realtor, Alice Galeotti, reported that in early December 2020, Jeff Hissong, architect at top local design firm HDG, brought Moritz Kundig out to the Wallmark house for a tour. “Moritz is 94,” she says, “and has difficulty getting around. His memory is not great either, but he did get especially perked up when I pulled out the original blueprints he had drawn drawn up in 1959 for the Wallmark couple. When asked if this house was a favorite, he replied, ‘My houses are like children—all are my favorite in different ways.'”




Take a Look

Significant architectural homes are a great time to take a virtual peek inside this three bedroom, two bath home.

Wallmark house living room
Terrazzo floors, cedar paneling, a stone wall, and floor-to-ceiling windows–this home speaks for itself!
Wallmark House kitchen
This kitchen features original 1962 cabinetry.
Wallmark House skylights
Skylights, windows and warm wood paneling makes this an excellent spot for a home office.
Wallmark House patio
The concrete patio offers lakefront view and an excellent vantage point for watching the sunset.

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