summer 2013


12 working class heroes: viva valley glen (.pdf sample)

A gently updated SoCal ranch eschews modern bling

22 life lessons

Two sets of Philadelphia homeowners celebrate their architect's vision

38 designs for domesticity

The designers behind those atomic-age kitchen appliances

50 from dungeon to lair (.pdf sample)

A 10-year labor of love in a New Jersey basement

62 open house: the shack out back

Their bungalow needed something: a MCM shed, as it turns out


6modern wisdom

20 home page

Ranches in Utah and California get a second chance

32 books & backs & more

58 cool stuff

Ceramic tile, fusion furniture, Wright dinneware & electronica

68 ranch dressing

Sirocco chairs, Danish ceramics, Laurel lamps and other goodies

74 events

75 resources

78 my two cents

79 coming up in atomic ranch

80atomic advertisers