spring 2013


14 all over ikea (.pdf sample)

Talar du IKEA? This couple does ...

36 just deserts

Palm Springs through a photographer's eye

46 surrey downs: bellevue's midcentury modern community

A Seattle suburb flies under the radar

56 homework: dishwasher dilemma

Old model looks good; new model works good

58 working class heroes: built like a brick ... ranch house

Doubling a modest Denver home

68 appalachia in atlanta (.pdf sample)

Georgia modern in a woodsy mood


4 my two cents

6modern wisdom

26 home page

Colorado, Pennsylvania & California homeowners share

30 cool stuff (.pdf)

Wegner's sofa, home storage units & Don's affordable lamps

32 books & backs & more

76 ranch dressing

Readers' questions on mystery chairs, dining sets, lighting, sculpture and fiberglass panels

80 events

83 resources

86 retailers

87 coming up in atomic ranch

88atomic advertisers