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Not only are houseplants beautiful, but they are good for your psychology, which is probably why they’re such a trend right now. They bring a sense of life and growth and can even help stave off depression. Plus, they look great in planters! What’s your take? (By Minh Pham/Unsplash)
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We all spend a lot of time in our homes, so making them comfortable and soothing is a popular approach. Neutrals are great for layering textiles because then the textures and any use of color can really pop. What’s your take? (By Landon Wiggs)
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Outdoor Fireplace

We’ve learned the last couple years how consoling it can be to linger outside for the fresh air and for open-air social gatherings. Outdoor fireplaces make that more comfortable for longer into the year and into the night. Will this be a trend you’d like to adopt? (By Rex Bonomelli)
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A Touch of Boho

How does macramé make you feel? The handmade, earthy textures of boho style pairs up with the clean-lined look of Mid Century Modern. Let us know—do you think this pairing works? (By Minh Pham/Unsplash)
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Bubble Shapes

Exaggerated tufting and fluted upholstery puts a modern spin on traditional upholstery, and it certainly makes a statement. What do you think? Does it get your stamp of approval? (By SpaceJoy/Unsplash)
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Natural Wood Cabinets

When we say indoor-outdoor connection, usually we think of floorpan and floor-to-ceiling windows, but natural wood cabinets are a trend that brings that outdoors in by virtue of their material. What’s your two cents? (By Jason Briscoe/Unsplash)
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Outdoor Living Rooms

Speaking of indoor-outdoor connection, this trend takes the comfort of the indoors outside with a sectional and tables for an open air living room. How does this trend rank in your books? (By SpaceJoy/Unsplash)
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