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For 12 weeks, we’re celebrating with these fab festive finds! From decor inspiration to gift ideas, our Retro Holiday Wishlist items are guaranteed to make your spirits bright during the holiday season. 

"Single Dome" by Vincent Rainey, sold by Form Function ArtWeek 12: Form Function Art

Presenting Single Domed Theater by Vincent Raney. Roughly 50 years ago, a new culture started to emerge. Interstate highways rolled out and the valley’s architecture began to reflect that freedom and optimism for the future. Space-age symbols appeared on businesses designed to attract people driving cars with rocket tail fins. Wing-shaped roofs and starburst-laden signs became common themes. This is a rendering of Vincent Raney’s single dome theater for the Syufy theater chain in the ’70s. Medium is watercolor on artist board.

Find Single Domed Theater by Vincent Raney and more 19th and 20th century art at

Thomas Studios Sun and Moon Sculptural Series by Shawn Thomas

Week 11: Thomas Studios

Presenting Shaun Thomas’s Sun & Moon Sculpture Series. The duality makes for an interesting and versatile piece of art. The careful and thoughtful design work makes for a stunning aesthetic. The quality of the material allows for the detailing and overall impact of the design to stand true. Ready to capture any mood with their deep duality designs, these mixed medium contemporary sculptures appeal to a wide audience and a variety of scenes and situations.

Find the Sun & Mood Sculpture Series and more original artwork at

Evergleam Book CoverWeek 10: The Evergleam Book

The Evergleam Book tells the story of the 1959 debut of the aluminum Christmas tree by the Aluminum Specialty Company of Manitowoc, Wisconsin. By the mid-1960s, the Evergleam had sky-rocketed to meteoric heights of popularity, before suddenly plummeting into the annals of Christmases past. When the Aluminum Specialty Company shut its doors forever, all company records were lost, including the fascinating story of this truly American Space Age Christmas tree. . . until now.

Find The Evergleam Book and discover more about Evergleam trees at

Two Retro Hip Haven Planters in White and Ratan Colors by a fireplaceWeek 9: Hip Haven

The Retro Bullet Planter by Hip Haven® is a stylish addition to any space. Use it for plants, to chill champagne, or to hold odds and ends! Our planter is an authentic reproduction of the vintage originals, in shape, size, and the distinctive texture of molded fiberglass. Bowls measure 15.75 inches in diameter. Available in 16 colors, and with three stand heights—16, 23 and 30 inches tall. Starting at $175 with great discounts on multiples and in our factory sale section. *For 10% off site wide through 12/16/19 use code ATOMICRANCH 

Find your perfect planter and much more at

Mid Century Modern Puzzle by HennessyWeek 8: Hennessy Puzzles

Mid-Century Modern What? It’s a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. 70pt. blue chipboard. 19.25 x 26.75 finished size. Good design doesn’t belong to any generation— this cool puzzle helps you celebrate those times when a personal rocket didn’t seem too far out.

Find the Mid-Century Modern Puzzle and more mod puzzles at

Janery Charlie Cushion

Week 7: Janery

The Charlie Cushion is designed to keep your home effortlessly chic, and your dog off your fabulous furniture. The chic canvas cover blends seamlessly with your style, and washes beautifully to combat life’s messes. The densely stuffed interior cushion feels as supportive as your pup’s favorite spot on the couch, and the compartmentalized design keeps it that way for years. The premium liner cloaks the dog bed in quiet, waterproof protection while blocking pesky pet odors, accidents, and sneeze-inducing dust mites.

Find the Charlie Cushion and more pet beds at

Hookipa Bar by Atomic Pad

Week 6: Atomic Pad

Is it too early for Christmas?…Not if it can also get you ready for Thanksgiving!

The Hookipa bar offers a sleek mid century look, with exotic accents and it’s built to the highest standards with planet friendly materials.

Featuring the iconic boomerang shape, stunning walnut and whimsical front décor (interchangeable), it also has plenty of storage.

Made in California with love.

Find the Hookipa bar and more at

Retro Clock Threesome by Tedstuff

Week 5: TedStuff

Take it back to old school with the RetroClock Threesome collection. It includes a KittyKat, StarFish and Simple Desk Clock. The RetroClock is an analogue clock that adds a pop of color to any room. Available in five anodized finishes and three clock hand colors.

Clock finish color choices are Silver, Mid-Century Gold, Orange, Aqua and Jet Black. With your choice of White, Black or Gold clock Hands. Mix and match colors is your decision!

AA battery powered clock mechanism, batteries not included. All parts made in the USA.
$125 for all three

Find the RetroClock Threesome collection and more at

Treetopia Silver Artificial Christmas Tree

Week 4: Treetopia

Treetopia’s Basics Collection is the first step into the exciting world of colorful trees. Each sleek and slender tree features sturdy PVC needles to support all your favorite ornaments. UL-approved clear lights, hinged branches, and a coordinating tree stand ensure quick and convenient set-up. Also available in other Christmas tree colors including Gold, Yellow, Orange, White, Blue, Black, Purple or Red. Sizes 4’, 6’ or 7.5’

Find the Basics Collection Artificial Tree in Silver, and more at

Mod Eames Style Chair Earrings by Smashfire Designs

Week 3: Smashfire Designs 

What’s a more perfect gift for that mid mod lover in your life who has everything? Eames Style Chair Earrings of course!!
Hand cut and handmade in NY, these sleek and fun dangly earrings are 100% sterling silver (including the ear wires) and lightweight.
They measure 1 1/2″ long x 1 1/8″ wide and come beautifully packaged in a teal box with ribbon.
Also available are matching necklace, and ring, as well as jewelry featuring the Swan and Tulip style chairs.
You won’t end up in the doghouse this holiday season when you give this unique, handmade gift!

Find Eames Style Chair Earrings and more mid mod inspired jewelry at

Becky's Mid Century Modern Art Print By Mac George

Week 2: Mac George Art Prints

Mac George’s works features a variety of subject matter, but most are inspired by the Mid Century Modern design aesthetic he fondly remember as a child. The compositions highlight Mid Century Modern treasures, and thankfully some of these architectural survivors are left to enjoy and inspire. All prints are limited editions and are made with museum quality inks and paper. These prints are the perfect gift for everyone who has an appreciation for Mid Century Modern.

Find Becky’s and more prints at

Modern Christmas Tree at the Stahl House

Week 1: The Modern Christmas Tree Family of Trees

Easy to put up, easy to take down and each tree stores flat. 

  • The classic 7.5 foot tree available decorated or undecorated starting at $499
  • The “Wall Tree” available decorated or undecorated starting at $269
  • The tabletop “Jubilee” includes full sets of red, green blue and silver ball ornaments with interchangeable tree toppers to celebrate holidays throughout the year. $269

 Make the tree yours at