mid century modern stylish pre-fab homes in forest
The Madrona model, which will be released soon. This home takes special care to bring the outside in. Courtesy of Dwell.

Affordable housing across America is becoming harder and harder to find. Thankfully, companies like Node are trying to remedy that with easily assembled pre-fab homes that you can buy for under $200,000. But these homes aren’t your parents’ pre-fab homes– these are stylish, sustainable and splashed with a touch of Mid Century Modern style.

stylish pre-fab homes kitchen in minimal white style
The inside of the Trillium. This simple, minimal kitchen captures the smooth, sleek lines of Mid Century Modern style.

Washington based Node currently offers one house plan, called the Trillium, which can be built to be 400, 600 or 800 square feet. They plan to offer different stylish pre-fab homes in the future that will be larger and have different features.

modern kitchen with large windows in stylish pre-fab homes
The dramatic windows in the Madrona kitchen mean that you don’t need to worry about filling the space with decor- nature’s got your back. Courtesy of Dwell.

The homes are designed so that all of its parts can be shipped to their building site in a singular shipping container. The hardware easily snaps together and most of the home can be put together by the new homeowners themselves. Doing this means the homes can be offered for the great value they’re at.

stylish pre-fab homes with windows and wood siding
The exterior of the Trillium has a few carefully chosen adornments, like energy efficient windows and wood siding that make this beautiful home fit in anywhere.

One of the best parts about Node is that its stylish pre-fab homes are built to leave no carbon footprint- meaning these homes can produce as much energy as they use. This is done through solar panels and rainwater conservation systems. Node hopes that this feature, along with their affordability, means that homes like these will be the homes of the future.

living room with hanging fireplace in stylish pre-fab homes
This hanging fireplace is giving us some serious Mid Century vibes. Wouldn’t this be so cozy on a rainy night?

The first homes will be built in Seattle later this year, and more models and locations are expected following that.

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