Modify Furniture Polychrome 54 Midcentury Storage
Modify polychrome 54 wall unit for stylish and super-sized storage.

It’s time to keep your stuff in line! The miscellaneous items you need in life can interrupt the clean lines and sleek look you love, but we’ve got some midcentury storage solutions that will have you living the clean, modernist life in no time.

A Little Minimalism Goes a Long Way

Perhaps the simplest solution is to pare down your stuff. You don’t have to be a full-blown minimalist to appreciate how much lighter and accomplished you’ll feel when you weed out the stuff that just collects dust. You’ll save money on storage solutions by having less to store in the first place. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a better idea of how to get organized.

Sideboards and Credenzas

Midcentury sideboards and credenzas are staples of the style and provide good storage space. Look for maximum drawers to help you keep things out of sight. While you want to avoid a cluttered look, the surface area on top is another great place for storage.

Teak Time

Use a Danish teak wood magazine rack to corral your papers, files or magazines. Use a teak wood roll-top box to store small office supplies. A vintage sewing box is another handsome and handy midcentury storage solution with lots of compartments that also looks great in your midcentury home!

Cubes Galore

Modular storage with square cubes will be right at home with geometric, linear shapes and comes with the ability to keep things out of sight. If you’re successful paring things down, you could leave a few shelves empty to give it some breathing room.

Super Storage

If you need significant space, consider this customizable and super-sized polychrome 54  wall unit. With generous storage space, you can also make it uniquely your own by choosing your colors for the frame and each sliding panel. Not only does it keep your stuff out of sight, it’s also a customized display. Made of bamboo and an aluminum frame, the materials are eco-friendly as well as compatible with midcentury style sensibilities, so you can live a clean life in every sense of the word.