If there’s one room you should decorate exactly how you want, it’s your bedroom. It’s where you sleep, where you dream and where you collect your thoughts before you take on your day. So, why not make it the purest “you” room in your home? From bright colors that set you up for success to graphic art that will give you sweet dreams, here are some essential bedroom ideas to make your midcentury master a total success.



Want to know how to put those 5 bedroom ideas into action? Keep reading, modernists!

  • Rock that accent color. The perfect midcentury home features a specific palette and your bedroom is no exception. When picking an accent color, consider something that has a lot of contrast to your color scheme. Whether you have a splash of red in an all-white room or add pops of yellow to a teal and gray space, make sure it has that “oomph” to accent your favorite pieces!
  • Hang some graphic prints. Your bedroom is your personal space, so fill it with art you love. Whether that’s an awesome print by Shag or a cool retro poster for an old Disneyland ride, give your walls some lovin’. Just make sure not to overcrowd your wall art with too many other bits and bobs—it deserves to pop!
  • Play with patterns. Midcentury modern fabrics were all about the patterns. If you can’t pick between your favorites, don’t sweat it! Just mix and match. Use colors and contrast to combine what could be clashing patterns into a textural paradise.
  • Pick the perfect bed. This is a given, but make sure you pick a bed frame that fits your room! Have a small space with a big bed? Consider getting rid of unnecessary furniture to make the space feel larger. Or, since this is MCM we’re talking about, experiment with different shapes, such as a swanky round bed. Just find the perfect balance of statement and minimalism.
  • Don’t forget to accessorize. If you have a truly grand master suite, don’t let that space go to waste! Your favorite Eames armchair would do well sitting pretty in the corner and a fabulous Danish sideboard makes an excellent addition to an empty wall. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, as they say!