Herman Miller Get the Look Living Room with Color
Take some inspiration from this room in the Herman Miller house at Modernism Week 2016 in Palm Springs, California. Photo by Jickie Torres.

This fun Herman Miller living room is doing everything right. Whether you have an Eames chair for style, artwork by Sandro for color or are just working from scratch, here are some ideas to replicate the look:

  • Square sectional with coordinating consul tables. Not only are they more authentic, but square sectionals make better use of space than today’s rounded sofas. The square shape also works perfectly with the pair of consul tables. The tables help separate the sofa from the wall, and provide the additional benefit of storage space for books and other small trinkets.
  • Colored rug. This Miller home has concrete floors, and while they look great, they aren’t very comfortable on the feet. The red area rug gives relief to both the feet and the eyes. It helps break up the pale walls from the equally-pale floor, and allows the homeowner to use a white coffee table that blends the color with the neutrals.
  • Discrete technology. Notice the small speaker in the corner, on the consul table? While complete authenticity is the highest praise of a midcentury home, we still have to live there, and adding updated technology is part of modern living. It’s fine to have a flat screen tv in the living room and a sound system around the room, but keep them discrete so they don’t distract from the authentic feel.
  • Midcentury pop art. Art from the time period makes everything look that much more authentic. This home features several movie posters, including one for Nace Una Comunidad, a Cuban documentary from 1976. Since this is a Herman Miller home, the living room also sports a 1961 Herman Miller advertisement.