Atomic Get The Look Open Floor Plan Living Room
Tackling each layer one at a time will help you manage the task in a constructive way. Photo by Jim Brown.

An empty room can either be intimidating or exciting. It’s all about perception. The goal of crafting a colorful living space in an open floor plan is cohesion. The way to solve the challenge is to view things from the ground up, in layers: The walls, floor, furniture, wall art, and décor. If you’re up for the challenge, then you may find the following three tips helpful.

Study color options. If you’ve never studied a color wheel, you should. A rainbow of colors awaits you; and in that you will find colors that compliment each other and those that fight each other for attention. Colors that are opposite on the color wheel are great choices to create visual intrigue. For example, if you choose a blue then the opposite would be an orange.

Match styles. Choosing MCM as your style carries a responsibility. Avoid bringing in pieces from eras that will stand out for the wrong reasons. Vintage pieces should be carefully chosen and displayed. Select items that possess a quality that catches your eye, and conveys the right amount of cool for which you are looking.

Experiment with arrangements. First, the size of the room must be considered. Remember, just because the space is large doesn’t mean you need to push all the furniture up against the wall. In fact, pulling your furniture away from the walls and grouping them may be just the thing. Choose a point in the room to orient your pieces to, and start arranging. For example, angle your ensemble toward a fireplace or large window.

Tackling each layer one at a time will help you manage the task in a constructive way. An organized approach to any design challenge is a tried-and-true method. Don’t be afraid. Now get in there and liven up your own open floor plan. Good luck, and most importantly, have fun.