morpholio mid century mood boards
Morpholio Board lets you access images and pieces from all over the internet, including Pinterest! Courtesy of Morpholio.

These days, finding inspiration for your home can sometimes be downright overwhelming. There are magazines to look through, blogs to click on and Pinterest boards to scroll down. Then, if you find some pieces you do like, it’s even more difficult to see how they would look together or in your own space.

Thankfully, the free app Morpholio Board provides the solution to that problem. Morpholio is an easy-to-use app that allows you to quickly and conveniently create Mid Century mood boards, visualize furniture in your space and access a cut list of the pieces you’ve chosen.

miami mid century mood boards
Making this mood board was easy and fun and it only took 15 minutes! Bright, beachy colors and bold designs tie this board together. Art, Bed, Plant Stand, Lounge Chair, Wallpaper, Lamp, Rocking Chair.

Mid Century Mood Boards

When making Mid Century mood boards, you have access to thousands of pieces of specially selected furniture, as well as the ability to use your own images or images you’ve found around the internet. By doing this, Morpholio gives you an easy, all-in-one way to make a comprehensive Mid Century Modern mood board.

mid century mood boards with cubicle
I had fun redecorating my standard-issue cubicle with some Mid Century touches. It was cool to see how it looked after its ‘renovation.’ Chair, Plant Stand, Lamp, Art.

Use Your Own Space

Morpholio Board also gives you the chance to see how these gorgeous pieces of furniture would look in your own space. If you’ve got an iPad, you can do this in realtime with AR. If you’re only working with your iPhone (like I was), you can upload a picture of your space and place furniture in it. And you can still access all the furniture and image resources mentioned previously!

interior design cut list from mid century mood boards
The cut list includes the name and designer of each item, as well as the link to access it.

Once you’ve finished decorating your space or creating your mood board, all you need to do is tap ‘list’ to get a comprehensive cut list of all the pieces you’ve used! From there, you can save it for later by emailing it. Or you can go ahead and purchase the items, bringing your Mid Century mood boards into your newly decorated space.

Morpholio Board is an easy way to experiment with design and figure out what looks great in your space. And best of all, it’s free! Head over to the App Store to download it now. While you’re at it, check out this app that allows you to tour Mid Century Modern homes.

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