What’s a cool midcentury pad if you’re not going to share and enjoy it? Whether you’re hosting a casual get-together for friends or just settling in with a cup of joe to enjoy your Sunday morning, a well-stocked coffee table is the centerpiece to a good living room. From books that guests can peruse to coasters to keep your table damage-free, here are our 8 favorite products to dress up your midcentury coffee table.

Candles always add a nice ambience, and a beautiful Scandinavian candleholder doubly so. This Molecular 4 Candleholder is available in two finishes, but we think brass is the perfect accent for midcentury wood.


Whether it’s a dish for candies or a home for a succulent display, a good bowl makes a perfect centerpiece. For something a little different, try the Mod Dish in one of four colors to bring both height and interest to your table.


There are tons of great books on midcentury style out there (we’re sure you have your favorites), but there’s something about just a beautiful photo book on a midcentury coffee table, just begging you to flip through it. If you dig Brutalism as much as we do, you’ll want Brutalism Through the yes of an Architectural Photographer by Darren Bradley.


Even if you aren’t a smoker, the midcentury ashtray is still a highly collectible piece. (Seriously.) It also makes a great tchotchke for your coffee table. Go for something crazy, like this Drip Glaze Ashtray, or any of these unique pieces.


Sometimes, you just need a little something special to anchor your table, a conversation piece of sorts. Well, look no further than these swanky Atomic Cat Figurines, completely customizable to match your home’s color scheme.

For the pop and kitsch-obsessed, get excited for this set of 4 Roboutique Coasters. With cork bottoms and a lacquered top, they’ll keep your drink from ruining your favorite midcentury piece and add a fun pop of color at the same time.

Sure, you may not store your coffee mugs on your midcentury coffee table, but these Homestead Mugs are a great thing to have all the same! Each mug has a different color and an architectural design inspired by midcentury homes. We personally love the Creekwood slanted roof, but the other three are just as enchanting!

Even your fruit can live in style on your coffee table with the right accessory. Enter the MoMA Satellite Bowl, a midcentury classic, adding just that extra touch of panache to your living room space.