If you’re dying to hit the beach before summer ends but don’t have a thing to wear, we’ve got you covered! From fab retro swimsuits to a few groovy things to cover up with, you’ll be the hottest thing at the beach besides the sun on the sand this weekend. So grab your board, your Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen and hop into your Woody, because here are the 5 beach essentials you need for some atomic fun!

1950s Mens Hawaiian Board Shorts - RustyZipper.com

Nothing says “beach in the ’60s” than some kitschy Hawaiian swim trunks! With the classic look that matches with your own tiki collection, these trunks are 100% vintage. If the pattern isn’t enough for you, get a load of the vintage buttons!

High waist, vintage plaid, adorable halter top—ladies, this is the ultimate 1960s bikini for you! Show off your curves and your fashion sense with this colorful Playful Plaid bikini this summer and you’ll have all the daddios drooling!

When you’re blinded by the summer brilliance, you need a good set of shades. And what better way to catch the eye of those cool cats than to throw a pair of Magnolia Cat Eye Sunglasses on? These inspired take on the classic look come in a fantastic color and offer up more UV protection than the vintage stuff.

After you’ve tanned as much as you can stand, it’s time to cover up! Throw on this Black Vintage Gypsy Cotton Crochet Cover Up for when you’re ready to ditch the sand and grab a 50/50 bar from the boardwalk. Loose and flowy, this classy cover up will be sure to keep you feeling as cool as you look.

No retro beach look is complete without a fabulously floppy hat, and with this Black & Beige Two Tone Floppy Hat, you’ll be making a statement. Whether you’re looking for that extra bit of shade or just trying to cover your face for some supreme people watching by the shore, this hat is sure to be a classic.