Turkey day is on it’s way and as you prepare your menus full of creamy mashed potatoes and rich gravy, don’t forget to neglect the beauty of the table itself! The midcentury was a great time for ceramics and dinnerware, and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to pull out your collections. If you’re still looking for a few more pieces to fill out your incredible dining table, we’ve picked 8 of our favorite table-top pieces. (And if you need to figure out how to outfit your dining table, we’ve got you covered there, too.)



Thanksgiving is the perfect time to bring out your favorite collections of dinnerware, especially since it was so difficult to get a full set for 8 anyway! We love this vintage Mikasa Cera-Stone Arrowhead dinnerware for the colors and starbursts that will just add a fun vibe to your table.

If you’re mixing and matching your designs (which, let’s face it, is a bigger probability than having a complete set), jus focus on complementing colors. This set of 8 Vintage Deco Au Lait bowls gives you a choice of 5 different patterns that you can pair with your current collection.

You can’t have a proper dinner without flatware, and if you’re going to stock your tables with something stylish, you might as well go bold. With a classic mirrored finish and some pretty unique silhouettes, the David Chipperfield 24-Piece Flatware Set will look great with your other atomic pieces.


When I say “party,” you say “fiesta,” and you know what that means: Fiesta serveware. Track down some original pieces from the ’60s, or just go directly to the source, as Fiesta still makes their beautiful pieces in the same styles as the originals. Since you need a handy platter for sweet potatoes, why not give this Square Handled Serving Tray in Turquoise a try?

Your green bean casserole needs some love on the table, too! If you’re going to keep your serving dishes on the table, you might as well give them some style, like this vintage Hall China Sundial Casserole Dish.

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 2.21.21 PM

You know your modernist table isn’t complete without some Russell Wright, and we’ve got you covered. A smattering of pieces are easily available on Etsy or Ebay, but since full sets are nearly impossible to come by, try outfitting your table with more unique pieces, like this American Modern Iroquois Carafe, which Bauer Pottery still makes today!

Whether it’s a cocktail or just a glass of water, your guests will need something to sip…and your table will need a little spunk and sparkle. Pull out your favorite Mad Men-style barware, or take the holidays as the perfect opportunity to gift yourself a new set, like these Elegante Gold Swirl Double Old Fashioned Glasses.


To finish off your Thanksgiving spread, don’t skimp on the centerpiece. If you’re missing that Danish touch to your decor, add a little Scandinavian flair with one (or a few) Heima 4-Armed Candlestick(s) and it’s officially a party.