An empty wall is a blank canvas. As exciting as it sounds, blank canvases can be pretty daunting at times. How do you add interest, color and movement to your empty walls? Art, of course. But if you want to keep that peppy atomic feel, it’s time you picked out some stylistic graphic art prints. From retro travel posters to googie graphic artists, here are our favorite midcentury wall art pieces to liven up your space!


All Posters jean gabriel domergue cote d'azur graphic art prints

There’s something wholly classic about a retro travel poster. From the variety of colors and styles to the actual locations themselves, you can add that midcentury vacation feel to any room with this reproduction of a poster for the Côte D’Azure (or many, many others from


Blue tiki Minted Graphic Art Prints

Sometimes, all you need is that little something to complement the rest of your decor. If you’re filling up a wall with midcentury kitsch, go with this Blue Tiki print from Minted for a fitting background to the rest of your prized pieces!

Brutalism Urbanesque Graphic Art Prints Dot & bo

Are you into Brutalism? Then you might find that the classic martini art doesn’t quite fit your aesthetic. Extend your theme to your graphic art prints with the Urbanesque Wall Decor, which has a striking resemblance to the brutalist artists of the midcentury.


Home, Sea Home Graphic Art Prints Dot & Bo

Everybody loves a little humor from time to time, and there’s no better conversation starter than a book cover-inspired, travel poster-esque, retro ad-like poster. We love this Home, Sea Home print from Dot & Bo, as it has that beloved Jetsons feel.


In A Row Sea Glass Minted Graphic Art Prints

Add a little color and texture to your walls with a light MCM-inspired pattern. This print, called “In a Row,” focuses on 3 color combinations, so you can match the rest of your decor while also gaining a funky piece of wall art.


Nat Reed Googie Triptych Graphic Art Prints

If you’re looking for something slightly more artisanal, look no further than Palm Springs-local artist Nat Reed. From graphic wrapped canvases to framed triptychs, an original Nat Reed will add that color, style and a bit of home-grown flavor to any space.


Shag Fourteenth Hole Graphic Art Prints

You can’t talk about MCM-style wall art without talking about Shag! The style of this SoCal artist can be found in nearly every establishment in Palm Springs and a few have even been featured in Atomic Ranch homes! This colorful number, “The Fourteenth Hole,” will have your neighbors turning green with envy.