Looking to get organized in the new year? These mid century desks are so good they’ll have you channeling your inner Peggy Olson.

Midcentury-modern desk with three shelves for optimal storage and organization.

Mad Men's Peggy Olson sitting at her desk in her office

For anyone unfamiliar with the wonder that is Mad Men, Peggy Olson is a fictional favorite who epitomizes the saga of the working woman. Her tale began as a secretary and one of the very few women in the ad agency where the show takes place. Her creative ideas provided a refreshing perspective that made the company very successful. Iconic for it’s set design, the show featured countless mid century desks—inspiring this gallery.

Retro and chic, these mid century desks will definitely add a 50’s flair to your office.

Light wooden midcentury style desk with 2 large drawers, and asymmetrical legs This midcentury style desk is simple, but still unique with pops of color and silver hardware.


As seen in Gabrielle Savoie’s original article, these desks are all a little different—but a shared characteristic is thin, angled legs. Mid century style is all about the minimal, understated look. You’ll notice that none of the desks look bulky or take up much space. They are simple, but unique because of contrasting tones and distinct angles. These desks are the perfect combination of stylish and functional.

Midcentury style desk with dark green drawers and asymmetrical legs.

So here’s a salute to all the working women of the midcentury who helped create the diverse work environment of today.

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