Mid Century Modern home with illuminated windows
Courtesy of TJ Pierce of Mid-Century Homes

Have you always loved mid century style? I say that phrase in passing often. “Oh I’ve always loved it,” or “I’ve loved midcentury style since forever.” But for many of us this passion and admiration can be traced back to a single item or moment. I recently recounted that moment in my life when I was a guest on Next Up!, the popular podcast hosted by TJ Pierce of Mid-Century Homes in Boise, Idaho.

It was fun sharing a bit about my history with Atomic Ranch- including my bid to acquire the magazine from founders Jim and Michelle Brown when they wrote me 4 short years ago looking to re-home their beloved creation. My how time flies. If you’re curious about that process, a little bit about my own midcentury modest ranch (to steal a genius term from TJ) and probably too much about my 4 rescue pugs, give it a listen! I’d love to hear your moment of discovery, too.