A condominium may not be the first place you would expect to find a stylish and functional mid century modern kitchen—and when Brad Erwin moved into Phoenix, Arizona’s Roman Roads condo complex in 2015, he knew he had some work to do. His townhome, built in 1964, needed renovating to return it to its former mid century splendor. Refreshing the first floor was at the top of his list, which included his now-stunning kitchen.

A mid century modern kitchen with a white and walnut cabinet scheme, as well as a blue-tiled interior.
The kitchen reflects the attentiveness to mid century design seen throughout the home. Brad wanted to, “update the space to be more efficient and functional while preserving the overall midcentury character.” To create a mod look, Mark blended in warm, natural finishes and period furniture pieces to bring the home back to its mid century glory days.

Making Space

“Essentially, the entire kitchen, along with almost all of the remainder of the first floor, was demolished down to the studs as part of the renovation,” Brad shares. “Overall, the space was quite cramped and fairly dark. You couldn’t even open the refrigerator doors all the way without hitting the countertop or walls.”

The problematic layout was addressed by relocating the open staircase to allow the kitchen to grow slightly. This provided more working space and a functional bar area. Renovations were completed in early 2017, with Brad doing some of the designing alongside design consultant Christine Mettler.

“WOW” Factor

Although the entire kitchen captures midcentury style, there’s one element that’s perhaps more mod than all the rest—the blue porcelain backsplash, featuring dimensional geometric tiles from ModCraft.

A mid century modern kitchen that spotlights the angled waterfall countertop and wooden dining room table.
Brad says that visitors frequently comment on his angles waterfall countertop, inspired by a neighbor’s renovation. “I liked how it made the island less of a monolithic block and also gave a bit of a space-age feel to the kitchen,” he says.

“The ‘Hexon’ tile fits right into Brad’s kitchen so perfectly, doesn’t it?” says David Clark, owner of ModCraft, the company that crafted the tile. “I think it marries well with the design and history of the house’s architecture. It’s a very bold tile that really creates a dynamic look and is set off beautifully against that amazing cabinetry.”

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A blue-tiled 6-inch hexagonal mosaic on the back wall of a mid century kitchen.
David explains, “Brad chose to use ModCraft’s ‘Hexon’ tile in ‘Pacific Blue Glaze’. This is a 6-inch hexagonal tile with a bold atomic pattern that creates a 3D illusion when put together, resulting in a modern knit pattern-two distinct shapes can be seen in the pattern once installed. The deep blue, translucent glaze contrasts nicely with the walnut cabinetry.”

Other throwback touches include the dark woodgrain cabinetry, chosen to coordinate with Brad’s furniture pieces, vintage pitchers and vases and a midcentury-inspired sculpture.

Brad, who enjoys making one-pot chili and cassoulet in his redesigned kitchen, shares, “I wanted to keep the space as clean as possible, both literally and visually.” He has certainly achieved it, through carefully-chosen materials, distinctive décor and a dedication to midcentury design.

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