Chris’s piece of advice is to find a happy medium between over-the-top and wow-factor.

When a Los Angeles-based Wexler was in need of renovations, the homeowners knew they needed to find an architect that understood the spirit and style of the house itself, from the atomic entryway all the way to the steel roofline. And their search took them to the firm of designer Chris Pardo.

Chris heads his own  firm, called Chris Pardo Design: Elemental Architecture. The interdisciplinary practice focuses on iconic buildings and urban environments, and it doesn’t get more iconic or urban than an L.A.-centric Wexler steel home.

Chris, who has offices in both Seattle, Washington, and Palm Springs, California, concerned himself with all of the aspects of the Wexler but focused mainly on three main places in the house—an atomic entryway, a chic living room and a super sleek kitchen.

The main challenge they faced was whether the entryway was overdone. Chris and the homeowners wanted to give their atomic entryway something truly eye-catching but not ostentatious. They chose the intricate tile and the glassed-in atrium to flank the entryway, giving their visitors just enough visual stimulation without overloading guests’ eyes right from the beginning.

Chris’s piece of advice is to find a happy medium between over-the-top and wow-factor. The compromise for this house was leaving the color palette mostly neutral—this not only complements the feel of the house but gives the homeowners the ability to add bright accents that help, not hurt, the overall décor.

The incredible atomic entryway was complete, but Chris and the homeowners still had more work to do. Continue the story in part 2, where architect and homeowners face a hurdle in the form of an ultra-long space.