Exterior shot of a San Diego Mid Century Modern ranch with palm trees and blue skies.
Property Brothers debuted in 2011, quickly gathering an avid fanbase of those interested in real estate and home renovations. Photo by Bret Gum.

You’ve found your dream Mid Century Modern home—the only problem is that not everything is quite up to par. It’s time to call in the experts, aka, the Property Brothers.

In the book, Dream Home: The Property Brothers’ Ultimate Guide to Finding & Fixing Your Perfect House, TV personalities and home gurus, Jonathan and Drew Scott, walk you through how to find a property that suits your needs, and then, how to update it into a modern masterpiece.

Here we’ll delve into five of the most common fixes, and what different factors you should consider when estimating the total time and cost for the repairs.

Mid Century Modern bathroom with a slatted wood backsplash.
“You can save upwards of 50 percent on your material costs by being organized.” According to the brothers, you can stretch your budget by shopping weekly sales, mixing high and low priced fixtures and comparison shopping. Photo by Bret Gum.

Bathroom Overhaul

Call in the Pros: “This is an instance when a full gut job could make sense,” Jonathan and Drew say. “You might want to remove a small bathtub/shower combo and create a large walk-in tiled shower with double showerheads.” If space allows, install a double sink.

Choose Your Materials: For cost-effectiveness, if you’re going to replace a sink, install new countertops at the same time. Look for bargains and try purchasing a sink and stone countertop set. “Choose crowd-pleasing marble, granite or especially quartz, which requires no maintenance and mimics natural stone perfectly.”

Do It Yourself: Tackle the quick fixes on your own: replace a showerhead and update the hardware.

Estimated Cost: $20,000
Estimated Time: 3 weeks

Exterior shot of a flat-roofed Mid Century Modern ranch with floor-to-ceiling windows, surrounded by forestry.
Fixing flat-roof leaks isn’t fun, but when the aesthetic’s one you love, it’s worth the hassle. The Property Brothers suggest hiring a professional to get the job done. Photo by Jim Brown.

Fixing a Flat-Roof Leak

Call in the Pros: Jonathan and Drew recommend leaving roofing to the professionals—the corrosion or damage may be worse than it appears. Find a contractor that specializes in roofing, who can then determine whether just a portion of a roof needs to be repaired or if it needs to be replaced entirely.

Estimated Cost: $500 to $1,000
Estimated Time: 1 week

Replacing Plumbing

Call in the Pros: Leave plumbing to the professionals. “Prices vary across the country, so it’s difficult to give averages of hourly trade fees, but as an example, consider that the average cost of a plumber is between $45 and $75 an hour (again, depending on where you live),” Jonathan writes.

He says to make sure all jobs are inspected and approved, with the necessary permits obtained. To save on future renovations, run plumbing to a spot that you know you’ll add a bathroom or laundry room to later. “The work can be done much more easily and cheaply when finances allow,” they write.

Estimated Cost: $500 to $3,000
Estimated Time: 1 week

The mid century atrium of a front entrance with red outdoor furniture.
The Property Brothers recommend exercising caution when making structural fixes, such as atrium repairs. However, it is possible to responsibly do it yourself. Photo by Bret Gum.

Structural Work with the Property Brothers

Call in the Pros: If you need an entire atrium, carport or porch repaired, having a professional demolish it can cost several thousand dollars—“more of course if you are gutting the entire interior,” Jonathan writes.

Do It Yourself: If you want to save money by doing the job yourself, make sure to follow these steps: Rent a dumpster (this will cost $50 to $400 per day), buy proper safety gear (about $200), and buy or rent demolition equipment, Jonathan writes. He also recommends that you proceed with caution when encountering environmental hazards, like asbestos. Take your time, shut off utilities when working and be wary of any hidden pipes.

Estimated Cost: $1,000 to $5,000
Estimated Time: 2 weeks

Mid century living room with mis-matched furniture and floor-to-ceiling windows, a sought-after trait as seen on Property Brothers.
The Property Brothers love a good window. Natural light not only brightens your home, but creates the illusion of a larger space. Photo by Bret Gum.

Clear Cut

Should you replace your Mid Century Modern windows and sliding glass doors for more energy-efficient ones? Let’s weigh the options.

Cons: One of the most recognizable features of Mid Century Modern homes is large, single-pane windows without mullions. Since they are such an important characteristic, using premade or double-hung windows will change the look of your home and lose some of its original charm.

Pros: While floor-to-ceiling glass can make a stunning design statement, a home can lose up to a third of its heating or cooling through large metal windows and sliding doors. If replaced with more energy-efficient ones, such as wood, not only will you save on your monthly energy costs, but the resale value of your home will also go up.

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