The first impression of a midcentury home is what you see from the curb, and everyone can agree that midcentury homes do it best. So what do atomic homes have that others don’t? When it comes to curb appeal, the architects of the ’50s and ’60s knew exactly how to turn their projects into street-side gold.

Watch the video to see these elements at work, then keep reading for details on how to emphasize that look in your own home.

Now that you know the elements to midcentury curb appeal, how do you go about harnessing that at home? Here are 5 ways to enhance your own atomic ranch.

A dramatic roofline. Sure, this one is pretty difficult to get, as it usually comes with the house. But if you are lucky enough to have a butterfly roof or A-frame, it’s all about emphasizing what you’ve got. Try a new palette for your exterior, focusing on the contrast that will highlight your roof’s particular line.

A classic façade. Many midcentury homes sport a beautiful rock façade out front, and if your house is an exception, it’s a relatively easy feature to add. But before you go out and bring a contractor on board, research the type of rock that would fit your home’s aesthetic. Granite tends to work well in the desert, flagstone is fairly common and round stones have a very classic look to them.

A pop of color. This one is as easy as hitting up Home Depot on the weekend. Pick a color that would provide a nice contrast to your exterior, such as teal or orange. Then get to painting! Doors are the most classic detail to paint, but window frames, roofline trim and mailboxes are all fair game.

Stylish landscaping. Whether you’re adding an agave or two to your yard or cutting up some circular shrubs, a nice landscape means a lot for the front of your home. Try researching images of your favorite classic homes for inspiration.

A well-paved walkway. The true modernist knows the importance of a handsome walkway. Concrete pavers come in all shapes and sizes, from a checkerboard of squares to a beautiful trail of circles. Find the shape you like and hire a concrete specialist to do the rest. Your front door will thank you!


Atomic Ranch Renovation Guide Summer 2016
Photo by Joe Ercoli

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