When blending such unique tastes in a shared home, compromise goes a long way.  DJ and Page Sigband had nearly opposite preferences for their ideal desert oasis. The challenge was to combine Southern California desert and Brazil-inspired tropics. The home’s many sliding glass doors make it a short walk from the warm desert themes in the front to the swaying tropical palms in the back.

Southern California 1960s Eichler home
DJ’s intentions for the backyard make the space feel more like the tropics, inspired in part by his travels to Brazil.

Desert Oasis

The architectural style of the 1960s Eichler isn’t the only thing that makes this home unique. Beginning the outdoor updates for the home in the front yard, Page chose to remove the lawn completely. She used native and architectural plants in a xeriscape landscape concept. Cactus, boulders, and reddish colored rock round out the desert scene in the front yard. Palms and other plants stretch up above the roofline, hinting at the hidden oasis in the backyard.

Desert oasis inspired atrium
The Sigbands like to use the atrium for entertaining on cool, Southern Californian nights. Furnishings and accessories make the atrium functional and inviting.

Meet Me In The Middle

Loving the connection to nature, the couple furnished the atrium with comfortable indoor/outdoor living in mind. They installed a gas line and had the fire pit custom-built for the space. Combining their preferences, DJ and Page chose desert and tropical plants with shared themes for the atrium. The walls of glass make the living space feel connected and continuous.

Desert oasis in Southern California
DJ grew up celebrating family events at Trader Vic’s, which partially influenced his interest in tikis. Most of the tikis decorating this home were carved by Bosko Hrnjak.

Brazil Inspired Tropics

The backyard is the couple’s version of a tropical oasis, complete with palms and ornamental tiki sculptures.  “The challenge was combining my husband’s love of tropical plants, curvilinear shapes and tiki culture with my preference for desert flora, straight lines and industrial sensibilities,” says Page.  DJ’s time spent in Brazil inspired the tropical design of the backyard.  Together, they created a harmonious blend of Southern California desert landscaping and Brazil inspired tropics.

Low-water planters and succulents for the back yard
Small succulents and other low-water plants were planted in unique, geometric planters for interest.

Page’s fondness for desert landscaping sets the front yard of their home apart from others in their tract. Page added desert landscaping pieces in the backyard as well.  The lighter greens glow with warm golden colors in the California sun, just as they do in the desert. Covering the fences in lush greenery, DJ and Page created a private and relaxing desert oasis.

This desert oasis playhouse design matches the aesthetic of the Eichler home.  Sticking true to the details, it even has original Eichler house numbers.

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