winter 2012


16 final answer: modernist mashup

Building new with an eye on the past

22 homework: hey-wake loves mirro (.pdf sample)

Collecting and refinishing icons of mcm design

34 architect of change

A Carter Sparks custom home reconsidered

46 design like a pro

Modern interior design demystified

56 hands on: accent wall in an afternoon

DIY in just a few hours

60 ann arbor's midcentury modern homes (.pdf sample)

A university town's postwar architecture


8 my two cents

10modern wisdom

30 home page (.pdf)

Two California beauties and a Georgia peach

32 books & backs & more

68 ranch dressing

Sputnik, midcentury furniture, kitchen collectibles & readers' updates

72 cool stuff

Bake like a great Dane, vinyl wallpaper & bespoke IKEA

76 events

81 resources

82 retailers

83 coming up in atomic ranch

84atomic advertisers